The Process
We provide insightful data on the claimant's level of disability through injury claim verification. This includes thorough research into the claimant's background, investigative surveillance supported by detailed reporting, and quality video footage.  We follow up with comprehensive background information and intelligence.

By using an Integrated Investigation Strategy – we combine cyber research, surveillance and collateral investigations - to develop an understanding of the claimant’s behaviors and lifestyle habits and whether they are consistent with the claimant’s presentation of disability.  Relevant information is shared with among the three investigation methods to ensure that our investigation is thorough and fact based. Adjusters are often overwhelmed with the number of injury claims they have to manage.  We build strategic alliances with our clients by aligning our services to meet their needs to adjust their claims.  Working in partnership with our clients, our goal is to be a positive return on investment when compared to settlement costs. 

For litigated claims, we work in conjunction with legal counsel.  Our Claims Integrity program will provide the litigation intelligence necessary to mitigate risk.  Our reports are comprised of all evidence and we are prepared to attest to the evidence we collect in Court.



In 2019, Canada had a 8% rise in fraud related crimes, where British Colombia was found to increase the most of all provinces. (Ministry of Justice)

Our corporate investigators are high skilled in interviewing, gathering evidence and surveillance. Chas understands the importance of admissible evidence and the standards of proof required for civil and criminal actions. In partnership with our clients, we develop a thorough investigative strategy that addresses the issues and meets the client’s needs.  We work with our clients to appropriate evidence to support any subsequent civil, criminal or regulatory action.  Our team of experts work with our clients through every stage of investigation strategy.

The Results
Our purpose is to helps to save money.  By engaging in this thorough process, we are committed to providing our clients with the most in-depth analysis available regarding the validity of a claim while streamlining the adjusting process.  Our experience will provide you with factual information to dispute fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

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