Competitive Analysis and Strategy
Globalization, privatization, and deregulation are transforming the competitive landscape, with rapidly consolidating companies and new players emerging to challenge your strategies and bottom line. As competition heightens, firms will be battling more intently for gains in market share. The shrewdest players, however, will be armed with usable business intelligence about the marketplace and the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. They will also have the ability to develop strategies to identify and leverage numerous competitive advantages.
At Chas & Associates, we have proven experience in providing the critical intelligence that your management and trategic planning teams rely on.
A Strategic Tool
We can help your firm use actionable intelligence as a strategic tool to keep competitors at bay:
-Identify market threats and business risk areas 
-Anticipate competitors' initiatives and blunt their strategies 
-Understand competitors' vulnerabilities and develop ways to maximize your advantages
We also offer competitive information on:
Privately held companies
Divisions and subsidiaries of major firms
Competitors' executives and key senior managers
Actionable Information
Chas & Associates provide actionable intelligence on almost any aspect of your competitors' businesses. 
These may include:

Strategic direction and priorities 
Products and services 
Sales and marketing strategies 
Pricing/cost structures 
Financial information 
Manufacturing, operations, and logistics 
Research, engineering, and product development
Market position in relation to customers/suppliers/competitors

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