Our corporate investigators are high skilled in interviewing, gathering evidence and surveillance. Chas understands the importance of admissible evidence and the standards of proof required for civil and criminal actions. In partnership with our clients, we develop a thorough investigative strategy that addresses the issues and meets the client’s needs.  We work with our clients to appropriate evidence to support any subsequent civil, criminal or regulatory action.  Our team of experts work with our clients through every stage of investigation strategy.
Surveillance can be a tedious work where we will use all tools to our disposal.  At Chas we use state-of-art covert equipment to gather evidences for our clients.
Video evidences could be provided by DVD, USB and/or a protected cloud storage link.

Surveillance Investigations

Our investigators are trained in interviewing, gathering evidence, and surveillance. Chas & Associates understands the importance of admissible evidence and the standards of proof required for civil and criminal actions.

We develop a thorough investigative strategy that addresses the issues and meets the client's needs. We work with our clients to collect the appropriate evidence to support any subsequent civil, criminal, or regulatory action. Our team of experts works with our clients through every stage of the process from investigation to recovery and training.​​

Corporate Fraud Investigations​​​

Our corporate investigators determine the cause of wrongdoing, identify suspects, limit losses, and re-establish confidence with stakeholders that include partners, customers, and regulators. We will always align our services to meet our client’s needs.  We are able to draw upon our extensive experience in corporate investigations; working closely with counsel and senior managers to ensure our investigative strategies are effective in collecting appropriate evidence that will be of utmost value.  Throughout the entire process, we communicate regularly with our client to ensure that our investigative strategy remains consistent with their objectives and needs.

Due Diligence Investigations

A variety of risks are inherent in today’s increasingly complex global marketplace, including mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. Business deals are based on expected synergies and anticipated profits, but entering a business relationship requires thorough due diligence investigation to ensure the capability, stability, and solvency of your new team – individuals who will have access to highly sensitive information.

International Arrest Warrants

Due to the nature of Interpol, our investigators are trained and well coordinated in helping with extradition processes and surveillance on internationally related crimes.  According to Chas, borders is just another word for a wall to be broken.   We do what we can to help locate certain profiles to help with law enforcements.

Security Surveillance

We can provide security based surveillance on high profile clients to help give them the protection and space they need to operate without any nuisance.  It could be at the office and/or residence of the client.

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