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Message from the CEO - Roy Wong

Firstly, I would like to thank our clients for the opportunity to earn their business and continued support over the past 19 years. Since 2003, I aimed to provide my clients with exceptional service well beyond industry status quo and “outside the box” thinking.  This approach has given me the privilege of working with clients in a variety of industries. I take pride in a job well-done and a commitment to providing professional services in a high quality manner – the keystones of building a trusting relationship with our clients. 

I believe that our employees are our greatest asset and the source of our value creation and growth as a company.  It is their dedication, competencies and ideas that enable us to do what we do. 

I believe in truly sustainable growth and, in order to do so, we constantly strive to be a needed and trusted corporate entity.

I believe in professionalism with core values of honesty and a strong work ethic.  We desire to be the best, with a commitment to quality, responsiveness and resourcefulness to our clients and employees.

I also believe in partnerships; in building long-term relationships with our clients through a client-centric approach by continuously providing value through our services that surpasses our clients’ expectations. 

Looking forward, I am focused on a continued growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our Chas brand that has become synonymous with our core values. I am proud to be the CEO of a company which is dedicated to serving our clients and building relationships along the way.

My Company's Mission 

Our services are a direct reflection of our individual capabilities, personalities and experiences.  Collectively, we are a wealth of knowledge and our work is guided by our performance standards to ensure that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations; making the work mutually rewarding for the client and us.

We recognize that clients have many choices when it comes to selecting a private investigation firm to work with.  We believe that quality investigative work is achieved through a balance of experience and the ability to apply that knowledge to problem solve in real-time situations.  We offer expertise and thinking that is “outside of the box” for innovative solutions. 

Simply, we do our work with integrity and humility. We strive to create the best possible working relationship with our clients.  I welcome and appreciate honest feedback about what we are doing well and where we need to make improvements.  Listening to our clients is very important and you can be assured that your feedback will be heard.   

Our Team

We have a core team of British Columbia licensed Private Investigators who are highly trained with multiple years of relevant experience.  Their individual expertise goes far beyond the investigative skills; their ethnic backgrounds and understanding of various cultural norms allows them to be of significant value-add, in obtaining information that would otherwise be very difficult to discover.  The backgrounds of our investigators range from private industry to various levels of government.

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