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Welcome to our Injury & Disability Investigations page.


"From 2018 to 2019, Canada had risen for fraud related crimes for the eighth consecutive year, where British Colombia was found to increase 13% from the previous year."  -  2019 Crime Statistics, British Columbia

Claims specialists and insurance adjusters are often overwhelmed with the number of injuries claims they have to manage.  We build strategic alliances with our clients by aligning our services to meet their needs to adjust their claims.  Working in partnership with our clients, our goal is to be a positive return on investment when compared to settlement costs. 

For litigated claims, we work in conjunction with our client and their legal counsel.  In partnership, we develop a thorough investigation strategy that address the issues and meets the client’s needs. We are able to conduct both surveillance and collateral investigations.  Our reports are comprised of all evidence and we are prepared to attest to the evidence we collect in Court.

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