Our investigators are trained in interviewing, gathering evidence, and surveillance. Chas & Associates understands the importance of admissible evidence and the standards of proof required for civil and criminal actions.
We develop a thorough investigative strategy that addresses the issues and meets the client's needs. We work with our clients to collect the appropriate evidence to support any subsequent civil,criminal, or regulatory action. Our team of experts works with our clients through every stage of the process from investigation to recovery and training.


Today’s volatile social order requires heightened security. Not only must you protect your business organization from external threats, you must also be aware of the threats from within.  The reality of attacks on human, financial, physical and intellectual assets requires a certain expertise.  Chas & Associates has the individualized expertise that meets and solves problems of corporate security. 



Our corporate investigators determine the cause of wrongdoing, identify suspects, limit losses, and re-establish confidence with stakeholders that include partners, customers, and regulators. We will always align our services to meet our client’s needs.  We are able to draw upon our extensive experience in corporate investigations; working closely with counsel and senior managers to ensure our investigative strategies are effective in collecting appropriate evidence that will be of utmost value. Throughout the entire process, we communicate regularly with our client to ensure that our investigative strategy remains consistent with their objectives and needs.


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